Thursday, December 14, 2006

A Weekend@Jonker Street, Malacca

A couple of weeks ago, S and I decided to just throw in our over night bag, say sayonara to the kids and leave for a weekend in the historical Malacca. We decided to lepak at Jonker Street. There we checked into a quaint Baba Nyonya hotel called The Baba House. It was a totally different experience staying there. You don't get the usual hotel environment but rather the feeling of stepping back in time of old. Everything is old and traditional but you still get hot shower, TV (no Astro though), air-cond room and 3 in 1 Coffee. And the room was clean too. That night and the morning after we spent our time savouring the hustle-bustle of Jonker Street mostly at Geographer Cafe and visited the antique shops. We ate every couple of hours and I was certain that contributed to a couple of pounds that I have gained lately..heheh...

The room rate was reasonable and we took the Deluxe

The courtyard within the Baba House

Photographer taking picture of the photographer

Pasar Malam at Jonker Street. Took this pic from the upstairs dining area of Geographer Cafe.

The Chinese Temple in front of Baba House. When we have breakfast at the hotel cafe, we could hear the chanting of prayers...

Sunday morning Flea Market. You could find so many old stuff there.

Above the roof of the Chinese Temple. Dragon playing golf? Or hockey?

Lantern at Baba House Cafe

Not sure what this sculpture is called but it sure was interesting...

Interesting & Funny

Took a few snapshots of funny signboards and interesting coaster...

Rockin' Into the Future

We had a blast last Friday when we had an annual dinner with the "Rockin' Into The Future" theme. Needless to say we went all out getting dressed up!

Space Sheriff and Gold Lady...

(L to R) Has, Cheese, MJ, Rox, Maya K and Achik Spin

Taiping Lake Garden

Went to Taiping Lake Garden for the weekend for some photography fix and here are some of the shots...

Monday, December 04, 2006

Pain(t)ful Days

I'm baack...Have not been updating my blog for quite sometime now. Have been busy with my latest venture...hehee..Its oil painting week for me. Last week S and I went to Malacca for photography. Got some pics to share but that will come later la. Anyway, why oil painting? I dunno...went to Jonkers Street to get some paintings but my god, they are nothing less than RM500 a pop. I know..I pay for the art..So, I thought, why not do my own painting? So what if it doesn't look it's worth hanging on the wall (except mine) least I painted it myself..So, I went to the art shop, got some stuff and started the pain(t)ful journey to complete these pics. I said it's painful because I had no idea how tedious it could be..but its good therapy for me too. I get to destress myself. So, here goes but be warned, I am no pro, just someone dabbling with colours.. .By the way, art are welcome to comment.
"Follow The Leader" or S calls it "Jenglots" (so bad...!). My first attempt.
"Self Portrait" brush strokes using fat paint.
"Road to Nowhere" using the paint knife technique. The pic came from a book somewhere..
"Arif" brush strokes using lean paint.