Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tegallalang Farmers

I captured these man and woman when they were busy tending to their padi field. The man was sporting enough to pose for me when he took a few minutes to sit down get his palm leaf weaving done.
Balinese are always weaving something to be used for their daily prayers
I bet this guy is used to having his picture taken by tourists!
Bent over to tend to her padi

Sunset Scenes

I know, I some these are just one of the many sunset scenes i have featured in my blog but to those who can truly appreciate nature's beauty, you can imagine how spectacular this sunset is. I know my photos will never do justice for the real thing but to be there and to be embraced by such beauty was just out of this world...

Shop House & Garden

Been a bit slow in my painting activity lately due to my focus on photography. Nevertheless I managed to come up with two oil paintings - one from the trip back from Melaka, another from Bali. Double click on pics to see details and texture.

Melaka shop house - pic gelap la...

Gateway to Balinese Garden

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sampai Nanti, Sampai Mati
Artist: Letto

Kalau kau pernah takut mati
Kalau kau pernah patah hati
Aku juga iya...

dan sering kali
Sial datang dan pergi
Tanpa permisi
Kepadamu, suasana hati
Tak peduli...

kalau kau kejar mimpimu salut
kalau kau ingin berhenti
ingat ntuk mulai lagi

tetap semangat
dan teguhkan hati
di setiap hari
sampai nanti
sampai mati

kadang memang
cinta yang terbagi
karena memang
seringkali mimpi tak terpenuhi

tetap melangkah
dan keraskan hati
di setiap hari
sampai nanti,
sampai mati

For the disheartened and those who gave up on life easily. To listen to the music, google it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Ubud Village Resort & Spa

4 days 3 nights were definitely not enough when you have a beautiful villa like this to spoil yourself rotten..hehehe..For those who want to experience relaxing and private time I would suggest this place. Away from the hustle bustle of Kuta town. I want to come here again!!!

Villa Banjar Kelod. It comes with a private gazebo and pool. The place is soo cool...Ubud Resort and Spa has 12 private villas and is surrounded by padi fields.

The entrance to our Villa.

The sunken bath tub surrounded by Koi pond at the back of the villa.

Our villa in the morning light. Day time, we drew the curtains apart since its glass all around. The view was serene and relaxing.

The Angkul Restaurant overlooking the main pool within the resort compound.

Chubby moi by the poolside...sekali sekala of course I want to be in the picture kan...

Night shot of our pool and gazebo.

Balinese man attending to the koi pond near Angkul Restaurant. In the background is the green padi fields surrounding the area.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pura Tanah Lot, Bali

Attendants at Pura Tanah Lot. During high tide, these men will help you cross the sea to go to the Pura which is on a little island.

"Healthy" me on a cliff side cafe overlooking the Pura Tanah Lot. By this time I was all dishevelled and tired but had glorious time taking photographs since early morning.

Kids seen playing along the beach across the Pura.

Dusk was setting and the waves were getting fiercer..

Crashing waves against the rocks. I was just a few meters away perched on a big rock when I took this pic.

Beautiful sunset at Tanah Lot with the silhouette of the Pura.


Danau Bratan at Bedegul. About 31/2 hours drive from Ubud. The air there is very cool and fresh. The scenery is beautiful with a lakeside Pura.

Danau Bratan. I used the Cokin blue filter to achieve the blue sky effect.

The Pura compound near Danau Bratan. These ladies are preparing for the impending ceremony to respect their dead ancestors. I managed to capture the religious rites with my camera.

The parade of ritual attendees proceeding to the nearby Pura.

Men, women, children entering the Pura.

Men to the left..women to the right...(this is just an angle which I managed to capture. Interesting though..)

Balinese women...they are always clad in lacy kebaya and batik sarung. They paste grains of rice on the forehead for this religious ceremony.

The men...talking animatedly.

Father and son listening intently on the priest's chanting.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Legong Dance in Bali

My photography using my Nikon D50. The dances were so mesmerizing that I felt I was in trance too. There are soo many pictures I took that night but these are my best few.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Kids Painting Class

Today (Saturday) I was woken up by the kids (sons, nieces and nephew) who were eager to start their day with the promised painting lesson. You see, I shipped in my nieces and nephew to my house for the weekend so that they could play together with my kids. I really had to plan what to do with them to keep them occupied since they are a rowdy lot when they get together. So, painting lesson was the plan. Last nite, the lesson started off with a theory class. Everybody, even Little Erina who is 3, attended. We learned about colours (primary, secondary, colour mixing), about painting tools and supports and about what they will plan to paint the next day. So this morning the practical class took place and they were really having fun (but it was messy!) and at the end of the class, each painting was given marks. I was happy too! (happy because I managed to get them to sit down and get busy even for an hour or so)...

The kids at the start of their lesson
The youngest in class...What is that Erina? "Barney..."
Fadzlan and Arif squeezing out their creative juice...
Enisa was the one who really wanted to learn how to paint...Inspired by your Auntie huh Enis? Hehehe
Hakim was the most diligent and creative
The kids with their artworks - frm L-R Fadzlan, Arif, Erina, Hakim and Enisa
Their art pieces - they get to bring their work home...