Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Passion

Painting in Mixed Media ( taken with my motorola phone..heheh)

Close up (taken with my Nikon)

Also taken with my Nikon...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Have been working on these....

My room, my work place...

The orange done in acrylic, the blue in oil



Untitled - in Oil

Bunga - in Oil

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ranting of a disoriented mind...

I'm tired...just plain tired...age catches up they say. But then again, I beg to differ. It has got nothing to do with age. That I'm sure of. It has everything to do with the state of mind. I want to do things, but I'm bound to routines, to the must do-or-else-you-are-in-trouble things. Half of my life is wasted behind my desk, in a cubicle. I want to be free to do things, at my own pace, my own time. I want to travel the world, I want to paint my heart out. I want to drown myself in music. I want...I want to be ME.

This is why I have been quiet in my blog. I have no more words to say, no more pictures to post and no more paintings to least, for now.

Poem on a whim

Nonchalance veils love
Cold surrounds warmth
Happy is the face of sadness
Hardened in the end.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

"Vibration" in Oil

Cold Winding Road to Bentong

Had an adventurous trip going through the narrow, winding old Bentong road with thick cold fog surrounding us. Took these pics with my Nikon...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Woman on a Bench

This using acrylic and paste. Not sure whether I should leave this just as it is or still work on it. Any feedbacks appreciated : )

Untitled (WIP) in Oil

Friday, July 27, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

C is for ....

If I had the choice I would put up all the photos taken during this time...unfortunately I have to go through Sensor Board cause it might start a riot or something of that kind....hehehehe (sorry...I just couldn't resist posting one pic!)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Break of Dawn

The one that will be given to MB Trengganu..(so I was told by the people who bought this...but don't know when...)

Reminiscing The Past

I was going through some old pictures when we were still in TM Net, when I decided to post some of these pics for us to share and reminisce the good old times...Let's go down the memory lane...

The pantry congregation...

Husni trying his luck with Mimi...eheheh

The gang on the Cyberjaya office rooftop

Number one supporters of Faizal, during the One in A Million

The 3 mak dara's...Me, Zaina and Roz

Me and my bodyguard...ehehe

Us at A Famosa Carnival during the team building

Waiting for dinner to be served...

Me and my bodyguard again...(he's everywhere!)

Seriously...karaoke is not for me...good thing it didn't rain that night

WIP Paintings - This & That

Have been working on several these past few weeks but none of these are complete yet. I would say they are stil WIPs. The photograph taken just below is a testament that I am still learning and dabbling with paint..hehehe

(except for this (pic very blur) - picture taken during WIP but now completed and now probably hanging somewhere in DPM's office. I guess...)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Today is a meaningful day for me. After weeks of toiling and sweating to complete a painting, today is THE DAY! Yup, my sis just called me to say that the launch ceremony for SKALI Lagi book has just concluded at PWTC and my painting (my painting! macam tak percaya) has been presented to our DPM YAB Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak. Lega rasanya...To tell the truth I was a nervous wreck for the whole week because of this. Don't know why... And one more good news! I presented 2 paintings for this purpose and they chose one. The other one, is going to someone's office or home! Yeay! I managed to sell both!

Satu je terkilan sikit. I didn't get the opportunity to take a proper picture of it. I was working on it till the 11th hour, quickly framed it and sent it over. I am hoping that I can get a picture of the event with our DPM receiving the painting. If I do get one, surely I will post it in my blog.

Skali Lagi book - by T.F.R ( A good read. Light but inspirational)
p/s someone should give me commission for promoting this book here...hehehe)

Ciao ! ; )

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Watercolour Works Part I

Kimono Woman
Kimono Woman (close up)

Farm house

Old Melaka shop house

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Nowadays, I don't know what to do with myself when I'm back home after work, after dinner and after melayan my kids that I always end up dabbling with my paints late into the night... I guess it has become a habit of mine after a strenuous week of working on 3 paintings concurrently. Now that I have completed 2 of them, and not in the mood to finish the 3rd one, I still have the itch to do something...hence this painting below. Actually, it is my very first attempt in using acrylic a'la watercolour technique. Painted on a paper. I think it is not good enough but still I would like to share with u and get some feedback especially from my "sifu" (I think you know who you are : ) ... ) The result is a bit kelam kabut but I have yet to get to know this technique more in depth. So, probably I will post more pictures with regards to this in the near future. Cheers!

Monday, July 02, 2007

My Atok Jah

Around 2 weeks ago, I had a frightening phone call in the middle of the night. It was my sister. "Kak Lita, Tok Jah sakit kuat...this time it looks serious. She has stopped talking altogether and seems very, very weak...nampak macam nazak..". That night I couldn't sleep well. I was contemplating whether I should go back to JB right away or wait for a while. Now, my Tok Jah has not been in such good health of late, given her age (she's 80 plus I think...) But she has been one tough lady. Everytime she got sick, she always bounces back to health and back to her talkative self.

So, with that faith, I put off going back to JB that morning. I got updates from my uncles and aunties in JB every couple of hours about her. The last update from my Auntie, I was told that she was not doing well at all. In fact, she said few signs of being nazak were evident. My mind began to race on what to do next. My colleagues in the office said, better go and see her before she's gone. So at 4.30 pm, I packed up my office stuff, headed to Ampang to pick up my two sisters and a cousin and headed back to Subang to pack my overnight bag. It was really exhausting. It was a hard day at work, the jam to and from Ampang was crazy and by the time we reached Subang it was almost 7pm. At 7.30 we were off to JB with me behind the wheels and the girls. At around 12 midnight we reached Tok Jah's house. Almost everybody was there. Uncles, Aunts, cousins..Some were on their way from KL.

I ran to Atok's room. There she was...cutting a fragile figure sunk in the queen sized bed...She was awake. She saw me and my sisters and acknowledged our presence with the look in her eyes..No sound came out from her...She seemed drained out. I was worried and so were the others present. I tried to look for some signs of life in her eyes...I wasn't sure... That night, we all sat vigil around her until at 4am, I took one look at her sleeping and declared I need some sleep after driving for hours from KL.

We checked into a nearby hotel (Atok's house was full that night!) and slept and slept and slept. It was almost 11am when we woke up! We quickly bathed and rushed back to her house which was only 5 minutes away. There she was... I must say she looked so much better than last night. She still didn't speak but at least she looked alert. I was soo relieved. She ate a bit..not much but at least she was eating.. That afternoon, a decision was made. We were to bring her back to KL for proper care and supervision. She was to stay with my Aunt in Bangi. She was so fragile that we hired an ambulance to transfer her back to KL.

Now, a fortnight later, my Tok Jah is still around although she's bedridden now. I have visited her twice ever since. She is doing ok given her age, fragility and bouts of sickness. I for one, know that this lady is one tough cookie and I believe she is going to live much longer that we expected!

To my dearest Tok Jah...get well soon. We missed your "swearing"! Hehehehe....

p/s To my Chak in Penang, I love you too. Next time I shall write about you too ok! Stay cool.

Atok, the night we arrived from KL.

Atok and I. The next morning.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Phuket - More Pics

A:Patong Beach. B: The boys on Karon Beach

A:The boys feeding bread to the fish. B: Hilltop view of Karon and Kata Beaches

A: Hakim feeding the elephant B: Woraburi Hotel

A: Splashing time just a doorstep away B: Wat Chalong

A: Lotus pond at Wat Chalong B: Lotus at closer look