Monday, February 26, 2007

Sketches in Charcoal

My first couple of sketches in charcoal and pencil. Its more for training my line drawings and to increase my power of observation. Lots of improvement needed though.

S's Work Corner in Charcoal
Boy Sleeping in charcoal
Opened Handbag in charcoal
Female Form "Behind" in Pencil (with reference to a book)
Female Form "Side" in Pencil

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

KL by Night

Last weekend on Chinese New Year hols, my bro and sis brought S and I up a hill (somewhere in Ulu Langat I guess) and we saw a sweeping view of KL City at night. It was beautiful! It could have been better if not for the mist after the rain. I quickly whipped out my D50 and took some snapshots. (It has been ages since I last touched my camera!) So, here goes...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm baaack!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! It has been sooo long since I have updated my blog. Some people are already complaining! Hehehe.. Thousand apologies...I have been extremely preoccupied with...MY PAINTINGS! Yup, I have spending all my free time playing with my brushes and palette knives. In fact, my D50 has been sitting on my wicker box collecting dust! Nope, my interest in photography has not withered. It has just taken the back seat for the time being. But with my new Manfrotto tripod birthday present from S, I definitely will be on the go again with my D50. Will update you on this later huh? Here are some of the paintings that I have come up with over the months...( some of the pics not very clear la..)

Rooster in Oil. 24x24. Impasto using painting knife.

Hakim in Oil 24x30

Abstract - Two Frolicking Ducks 30x30 in Oil

Girl From Behind (Nude! Hehehe!) in Oil

Abstract - Acid Rain 24x24 Mixed Media with Acrylic

Little Girl in Oil

Angels in Flight in Oil

Abstract - Element 1 in Oil

Wasteland in Acrylic - using painting knife
"Raw" in Oil
Work in Progress -"Waterscape" in Oil